Explore the benefits of neurotoxins for wrinkle reduction. Discover how Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau treatments at Solstice Med Spa can help you achieve smoother, youthful skin.

Welcome to Solstice Med Spa - Your Destination for Wrinkle Reduction with Neurotoxins

Are wrinkles and fine lines making you feel less confident? At Solstice Med Spa, we offer effective solutions to combat the signs of aging using neurotoxin treatments. Our experienced professionals specialize in administering Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau to help you achieve a smoother, 
more youthful complexion.

Neurotoxins for Wrinkles at Solstice Med Spa

Why Choose Neurotoxins for Wrinkles?

Neurotoxins are FDA-approved injectable treatments that work by temporarily relaxing the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles and fine lines. They are a non-surgical and minimally invasive way to achieve a more  youthful appearance without the need for downtime.

Our Neurotoxin Options: 

Known for its long-standing reputation, Botox effectively reduces the appearance of crow's feet, forehead lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows. Results are noticeable within days and can last for several months.

Dysport is another excellent option for wrinkle reduction. It is particularly effective for smoothing out moderate to severe frown lines and can provide natural-looking results.

Also referred to as "Newtox," Jeuveau is a newcomer in the neurotoxin arena. It's designed to target dynamic wrinkles and is a great choice for those seeking a fresh and rejuvenated look.

The Solstice Med Spa Difference:

Experienced Practitioners: Our team of skilled medical professionals brings extensive expertise to the administration of neurotoxin treatments. With a dedicated focus on safety and precision, our seasoned practitioners ensure that you receive top-notch care. We prioritize your well-being by entrusting your care to qualified medical professionals, ensuring a personalized and medically sound experience.

Personalized Approach:
We tailor each treatment to your unique needs and desired results.

Natural-Looking Results:
Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty, ensuring your results are subtle and not overdone.

Safety First:
We prioritize your safety and follow the highest standards of care.

Book Your Consultation Today:

Ready to turn back the clock on aging? Schedule a consultation with Solstice Med Spa to discuss which neurotoxin option is best for you. Rediscover a more youthful and confident you with our wrinkle-reducing treatments.

"Gina is a wonderful NP who takes great care in providing her clients with the most professional and efficient visit! She is very informational and the most important part, she’s HONEST. She is a provider whose only concern is for the client’s happiness and satisfaction, I never once felt like she was only in it for the money during my visit. Her office was brand new, clean, and comfortable. The atmosphere was very professional. If you are looking for a good place to get your skin needs taken care of, I definitely recommend visiting this office!"

Sydney Kaufman

"I've been seeing Gina for several years and couldn't be happier. She's honest and upfront about what each service is going to cost before she starts, clearly communicates what she's doing and the expected outcome, and never tries to push extra procedures. She makes sure you're enrolled in all available rewards programs to help clients save money wherever possible. I always enjoy my appointments with Gina."


Gina is the best! Very knowledgeable and talks you through each procedure from start to finish. I am going for a more naturally enhanced look and I trust Gina to accomplish this. She truly cares about her clients and takes the time to talk to you and understand what you are wanting out of your med spa experience. I trust Solstice for all my med spa needs!