As a highly skilled practitioner, I bring an unwavering foundation of decades of experience and genuine care to Solstice Med Spa. What sets me apart as your premier aesthetic provider? With over 20 years dedicated to the realm of healthcare, I serve as a national trainer, guiding and inspiring medical professionals across the country.

My core belief lies in a holistic and comprehensive approach that seamlessly intertwines happiness, well-being, and your innate beauty. By embracing this philosophy, I am committed to unveiling the best version of you—vibrant, healthier, and undeniably stunning.

With a diverse background spanning high-risk obstetrics, flight nursing, hospital medicine, and aesthetic medicine, I am a seasoned nurse practitioner. As a National Instructor specializing in botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, I have the privilege of training physicians, dentists, DOs, PAs, NPs, and RNs nationwide.

I hold both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Nursing from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. My extensive experience and dedication to the highest standards of care ensure that you are in expert hands at Solstice Med Spa.

Hi, I'm Gina!


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My zodiac sign is an Aries, and let me tell you, I'm the fierce flame that sets the world ablaze!

I'm a trailblazer, a risk-taker, and a natural-born leader who fearlessly charges into every adventure with unapologetic confidence. 

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I'm half Irish and half Italian, right down the middle.

Indulging in the art of winemaking has become a cherished passion for both my husband and me. 

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I absolutely adore the great outdoors, particularly camping and exploring nature. My husband and I hike the majestic Colorado 14ers anytime we can. 

I am also deeply passionate about physical fitness. So much that I joined a boxing gym. 

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I could eat Italian food, and chocolate, literally every day.

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I have three dogs and two cats and they all hold a special place in my heart.

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"Gina is a true professional, and I can't recommend her highly enough. I received Morpheus and her care and expertise are awesome. She is an artist of her craft! And her office is modern & spotless. Very personalized experience."

Mountain Streams

"I am so glad that I found Solstice Med Spa! Gina has done my Botox 3x now and each time I have been so happy with the results and it is always consistent. She is very knowledgeable and is great at what she does. She is very easy to talk to! Botox day with Gina is my favorite day."

Amanda Martin

Gina is one of a kind. Very knowledgeable on her treatments and products. She is generous with her time to ensure you’re comfortable and understand every procedure being performed. I’d highly recommend seeing Gina for all your skin care needs!

Karli McQueen

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Medical Spa


Unleash unrivaled beauty with our prestigious spa services, granting access to premier non-surgical aesthetics and cutting-edge wellness in Castle Rock.

Indulge in our treatments while gracefully managing your expenses through convenient monthly installments, ensuring your journey to beauty is seamless.

Don't need anymore convincing? Align your skin's destiny with Solstice MedSpa and embrace the enchanting glow that awaits you.

Awaken your skin's inner light and  get vibrant skin makes you feel as good as you look

Join me and my business coach, Heather Terveen, as I open up about the mindset shifts I've personally experienced, allowing me to conquer not only the role of a successful aesthetic practitioner but also that of an aesthetic CEO, taking charge of my own business.

I spill all on the concrete steps I've taken to establish an unshakable business foundation for my beloved venture, Solstice, emphasizing the game-changing power of simplification that has fueled my remarkable success.

I reveal the daring decision behind launching my own branded skincare line, rather than playing it safe with wholesale products. I also offer mouthwatering advice for all you aspiring med spa and spa owners out there who crave lightning-fast success in the aesthetic industry. 

And the rest? You'll just have to tune in to find out. 


THE MED SPA CEO: From Busy Practitioner to Aesthetic CEO
with Gina Kaufman of Solstice Med Spa

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Let Solstice Med Spa be your backstage pass to all the top-of-the-line lineup:

Skincare I Swear By

  • Brightening CE Serum: With its high potency and absorbability, it helps reduce hyperpigmentation and promote a brighter, more youthful-looking skin tone.
  • Chamomile Facial Cleanser: suitable for all skin types and replenishes moisture, softens fine lines, and protects the skin against environmental aggressors.
  • Vitamin A: Increases cell turnover, effectively preventing and reducing acne, fine lines, dark spots, and improving overall skin tone and texture.
  • The Radiant Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 40: Calms the skin, hydrates, repairs the skin barrier, and provides protection against UVA/UVB rays and blue light damage. 

Embrace Summer with Confidence: Discover the Transformative Power of Solstice Med Spa

One of the standout treatments at Solstice Med Spa is our state-of-the-art EvolveX system. This revolutionary body contouring technology combines radiofrequency energy, electromagnetic pulses, and customizable treatments to deliver maximum results.